03 May 2017


Jordan Ross’s Thumper premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival as a Spotlight Narrative. The film is listed as crime, drama, thriller on IMDb. Truthfully, I did not know much about the film before seeing it and expected it to be a somewhat foreseeable storyline about a young girl getting involved with the wrong people. 

Well, I was wrong.

Thumper’s main character is Kat Carter (Eliza Taylor) and within the first scenes of the film, the audience suspects that she is just a new, mysterious girl and the whole film will center on her. However, by the end of the film, I felt like this film made a deeper impression and strong statement about the youth portrayed.

Thumper is about the war on drugs and set in a community where kids are prone to getting involved in drugs and violence, with high possibilities of not reaching their full potential. Beaver (Daniel Webber) seems to be the embodiment of a teenager who is struggling with family, money, and the typical high school problems. His character represents the rebellious but thoughtful youth. He parties, drinks, smokes, but he cares. He cares about his brother, Jeff, his crush, Kat, and who he might become, making it a gritty, evocative coming-of-age film.

Writers: Jordan Ross
Directors: Jordan Ross
Producers: Fernando Loureiro, Roberto Vasconcellos
Main Cast: Eliza Taylor, Lena Headey, Pablo Schreiber, Ben Feldman, Daniel Webber, Grant Harvey
Running Time: 93 minutes

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